Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Buckingham Drive Autos Hints - How To Properly Take Good Care Of Your Car

To keep your car safe, preventive maintenance is very important. If your car is your valuable possession then you will probably be more attentive in regards to your car’s protection. But no matter how your car means to you, the main important reason why we have to take good care of our car is to protect its resale value. With proper care your car will avoid some possible problems and the usage will last longer. Keep in mind that if your car is well-maintained, it will produce less pollution and will keep you safe when traveling.

Buckingham Drive Autos gives you hints on some of the parts where you can take care of its maintenance.

1. Tires – avoid fast turn, fast stops and fast start. This will ruin your wheels’ alignment. Tread wears could indicate problems with alignment so check your tires for irregularities. Also, avoid potholes and drive slowly when passing railroad track.
2. Drive carefully – this is probably the most effective way of taking care of your car. These will also show not only how you take care of it but also your professionalism.
3. Paint – restore paints from scratches and paint nicks quickly to prevent rust. Regularly clean your car. Never use house detergent. This will strip off your paint wax protection. Here are the different types of car cleaner you can use:

a) Glaze – it has superfine resistance kind of cleaning agent like emollient and lubricating oils. This will effectively remove marks and scratches that smooth out the finish of paint.
b) Wax – organic and polymer base are two types of wax.
c) Clay – use clay with lubricants. But remember that cleaning using clay will require proper knowledge and Buckingham Drive Autos do not recommend this type of cleaner if you do not know how to use it. This will ruin the paint if not handled correctly. This cleaner remove overspray paint.

4. Battery - it is one of the most important components of car so battery should not be ignored. Check if the battery is undercharged by testing the voltage. If the battery reads about 12.5 volts then everything is just fine. Clean the battery with the use of homemade solution like baking soda. Checking the battery water is also important and very simple to do. Keep it in a required fluid level.
5. Schedule for maintenance – a routine maintenance will help keep your car longer its lifespan.
6. Car Engine – poor engine maintenance for any type of vehicle may cause danger to passengers. Proper tune-ups are important especially if your cars are always being in use. If it is not property maintained, worst possible thing can happen in an unexpected time. Maintain engine by professionally changing oil. Oil filter should also change when you change oil because a good filter can make a lot of difference to the engine.

If your car is brand new, try your very best to maintain and take good care of it so that you can also maintain its value. Buckingham Drive Autos also do it’s very best to keep clients informed for the best solutions for their vehicles.